An embarrassment of zucchini riches?

Here are three of my favorite savory recipes to use all that zucchini your garden might be producing. (Or that you buy at Costco. No judgment.) Yes, Arizona friends: the first two recipes require that you turn on your oven, but they’re worth it.

  1. Summer vegetable galette from the New York Times. It’s kind of like ratatouille in a rich crust. I’ve made the crust using whole-wheat flour and rye flour. I prefer the latter.

IMG_40702. Monument Cafe’s whole-wheat zucchini bread, from Because sweet, heavy zucchini quick bread gets tiring. I’ve even added cheese to the Monument Cafe’s savory yeasted version.


3. Zucchini butter, from So versatile. Use it in an omelette. Smear it on a bagel or toast. Dollop on a baked potato. Spread a layer over the goat cheese in the summer vegetable galette.


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