Frangipane-Prune Tart

Dried-fruit producers clearly are trying to rehab the poor prune’s image, from being associated with — as a recent New York Times article wrote — “constipated octogenarians praying on spoonfuls of paste.” The Times‘ article explained that in the early 2000s, the California Prune Board

officially changed its name to the California Dried Plum Board, hoping to avoid the association entirely. “We thought maybe the stigma was too much of a challenge for us to overcome,” Donn Zea, the board’s director, [said]. And “dried plum” was an accurate description: “It’s a plum. It grows on a tree. We dry them.”

Read the article here. And then bake the Frangipane-Prune Tart.


Here’s my tart. I used the crust from another Times’ frangipane tart recipe.

Forget any stigma. It’s a plum. It grows on a tree. It’s dried. And gee is it great, steeped in earl grey tea, in this terrific tart. I might have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.



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