Mocha-ricotta puffs

Every time I open Dorie Greenspan’s new book, Dorie’s Cookies, I find something….too many somethings…I want to bake. But today picking a recipe was easy.

Often what I cook or bake depends on what we have in the fridge and what needs to be used up. For example, the crumbs from various boxes of cereal went into sourdough bread this weekend, substituting for the seeds and flaked grains the recipe called for. (Yeah, that bread did indeed come out a little dense.) We also had some ricotta that needed to be used, so when Spouse said he wanted to make pancakes for breakfast, I suggested that he use Mark Bittman’s lemon-ricotta pancakes, instead of his go-to, which is another Bittman recipe.

But even after those pancakes, we still had ricotta left over. Luckily, Dorie Greenspan has a cookie for that: mocha-ricotta puffs.


Mine turned out a bit darker than the recipe in her book, probably because I used a tad bit more instant espresso than the recipe called for.

They’re terrific little cookies. Ricotta and yogurt make them tender yet substantial. They still have crisp edges.

They would make excellent sandwich cookies, with either a ganache or vanilla filling.

Speaking of how my cookies look compared to the photo accompanying a recipe: In my last post about Moroccan semolina and almond cookies, I noted that my cookies did not look like those in the photo that accompanied the New York Times’ recipe. They do, however, look like the cookies in the photo that accompanies the source recipe: Greenspan’s cookie book! You can see the photo that Greenspan uses in her book here.


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