Moroccan semolina and almond cookies

I’m a big fan of almonds. Whole, slivered, pulverized into almond butter, milled into flour. I’m always on the lookout for recipes – preferably cookies or other baked goods — that use almonds.

My recent favorite cookie: a semolina-and-almond cookie from the NY Times’ food website adapted from other sources. Mine don’t look like the NY Times’ photo, and I can’t figure out why, despite multiple batches. I’ve adjusted the amount of pressure I used to make the indentation; the amount of powdered sugar they are dredged in; and I weigh my ingredients.

Even though they look a bit ragged, they’re excellent.


The recipe calls for orange-blossom water. The cookies are good just with vanilla, but they’re even better with the orange-blossom water.

Get the recipe here: