Olive oil and wine cookies, or my SFW made-up name: “les vins-d’huiles”

Dorie Greenspan has a new book, “Dorie’s Cookies.” While I was placing a reservation for it at my public library, I thought I would revisit her previous book, “Baking Chez Moi” img_2957this week.

Today’s pick out of the book: olive oil and wine cookies. I’m constantly amazed at how a few ingredients can change the character of all-purpose flour.


Greenspan has published her write-up about the cookies and the recipe here.

For the wine, I used my favorite cheap riesling from Trader Joe’s.

I need to make the recipe again to get the right shaping. My cookies don’t look exactly like Greenspan’s. What’s not to like about needing to open another bottle of wine?

Assuming we have sufficient cookies to share, I wonder about sending them to work with family members. Are they NSFW because of the wine content? Maybe I’ll make up a less overtly descriptive name for them. Greenspan writes that they are a specialty of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, so maybe something like les vins-d’huiles.